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The staff at VIS takes the time to understand the full requirements of our clients. For example, if you need a new conveyor we ask, "What equipment precedes the conveyor? What follows the conveyor? Why is the old one being replaced? What are the characteristics of the material being handled? How can the equipment be improved? What is the objective, more capacity, longer life, less repair and maintenance?

Whether our clients need a single conveyor or a total new facility, VIS will insure we understand the complete nature of the situation in order to determine the best solution for the client.


Innovative designs are a major reason clients keep coming to back to VIS. We encourage our clients to participate in the design process to capture their experience along with our creative approach to design solutions.

Our goal is to provide innovative, cost effective solutions for our clients specific requirements.


VIS operates a 31,500 S.F. manufacturing facility in Oak Bluff, MB. The facility has the capability and flexibility for manufacturing of small and oversized components. Our goal is to produce only high quality durable products that provide our clients with maximum economic life from their investment in our products.

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