Feed Manufacturing

Feed Manufacturing

VIS is the leading designer of feed manufacturing facilities in Canada and one of the only manufacturers offering an extensive line of feed mill equipment manufactured in Canada.

VIS has a long history of providing their clients with innovative and cost effective solutions to their feed mill design challenges. Hands on experience in feed manufacturing allows VIS to collaborate with their clients to plan and design new facilities and upgrades to existing plants.

The VIS product lines for feed manufacturing plants include:

The VIS SMOOTH WALL OVERHEAD BIN system has been used in dozens of feed mill designs in Canada and the US and as proven to offer the best flow characteristics in the business.

VIS feed mill equipment is designed for durability and low lifetime cost and meets the HACCP requirements of the industry.

VIS also offers the unique FLEXMill system to give on farm feed mill operators an option to upgrade existing mills to commercial duty and higher capacity while maintaining the compact layout of their existing mill system.

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