Stoughton, SK - 2004

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Stoughton Feed Processing Ltd.
New Mutli Species Feed Plant
Stoughton, SK

Design & Construction

G.J. Vis Enterprises Inc. / FWS Construction Ltd. - Joint Venture

Major Systems

Receiving System
Grinding System - 150 hp Hammer mill
Mixing System - 2 Tonne Mixer
Pelleting System - 125 hp Pelleting Line

G. J. Vis Components

Process Flow Design & Equipment Specification
General Arrangement Design
Mechanical Systems Design
Electrical and Automation Scope
Overhead Process Bins, 310 Tonnes
Bin Gates
Bucket Elevators
Drag Conveyors
Screw Conveyors and Feeders
Batching Scale
Hammer Mill Feeder
Pellet Mill Conditioner
Custom Fabricated Transitions

Construction Schedule

Start: September 2003
Completion: March 2004

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